Blinded by the Blue


the 411 on Bura

The absolute basics that everyone must know if they're to know anything about Bura at all.

Name: ブラ
Transliteration: Bura
Saiyajin Name: Eschalot
Dub Name: Bulla
[for more on Bura's names, go here]
Parents: Bulma and Vegeta
Siblings: elder brother Trunks
[for more on Bura's family, go here]
Eyes: blue
Hair: teal-blue in the anime, lavender in the manga
Born: Age 780
[In Daizenshuu 7, Bura's birthdate was incorrectly given as Age 778, which is what lead to the fandom mistake of Bura being older than Pan.]
Age: newborn in DBS, 4 in DBZ, 7/9 to 9/11 during Dragonball GT (14 to 16 in the English dub)
[GT's timeline is a span of two years; if Bura is 9 when Pan takes off, then she is likely 11 by the time Goku leaves with Shenron.]
Personality: according to Daizenshuu 7, Bura is "a precocious girl who has a bit of impishness to her."