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for the love of a Saiyajin Princess

Hello, lovely thing, and welcome to Blinded by the Blue, a fansite and TAFL-approved fanlisting for Bura, the daughter of Prince Vegeta and the extraordinary genius Buruma of the Dragon Ball media franchise! If you're fond of the would-be Princess of the Saiyajin, enjoy what's here! And if you're not a fan, why not stick around for a while and learn a little something or two about her? Who knows, you just might become one! ^_~

You are viewing version 17.1 of Blinded by the Blue, titled Safest Always Together, and based upon the design I made for the previous fanlisting owner Himeko; thank you to her for handing the reins back over to me, I'm very honoured to once again run this shrine, and now the fanlisting! This site can be considered under open construction, so stick around to see how it grows; there's lots more to come! This layout should be readable on ALL browsers and devices, but if this isn't the case for you, please feel free to send me a screenshot of your troubles and I'll do my best to fix them!

This site is dedicated to Ally.