Maybe Child

to Marron...

Hello there! You've come across, perhaps by chance, Maybe Child -- the TAFL-sanctioned fanlisting and a shrine for the daughter of Kuririn/Krillin and Juuhachi-gou/Android 18, cuteness incarnate, Marron of Dragon Ball Z/GT/Super. Marron is a cute and rather mysterious character who captured the hearts of many fans back in DBZ/GT's initial heyday, even with her limited screen time. If you're a fan, by all means add your name to the listing, or if you're new to the girl in pink, feel free to read up on her!

You are viewing version 2.1 of Maybe Child, in a rosy dream. The header image is very old, and I have long since lost the information regarding the brushes used in it, but if you recognise them and can help me out, please let me know! (I think they may have been Jasc Paint Shop Pro brushes, in fact!) This layout should be readable in ALL browsers, resolutions, and on all devices, so if it's not displaying for you, feel free to let me know and I'll fix it ASAP!

Are you a fan of Marron's best friend (and should-be girlfriend, in a better world :P), the would-be Saiyajin princess Bura/Bulla? Then please visit the fanlisting/shrine I run for her, Blinded by the Blue! ♥